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How to Stack Coins

Complete Adventure Actions below to earn Coins towards claiming Free Zupp Merch! Submit your Adventure Actions by completing this Asana Form.

Post on Social Media

View Social Media Posting Guidelines Here


Post on Your Instagram Feed  (Required Monthly)

+10 Coins

  • This is your big Zupp post for the month. So show off Zupp in action! Follow those Social Media Guidelines so college students at your campus can feel the purpose of Zupp, shared adventures with friends, for themselves.

  • Be sure to tag Zupp at your school so we can like your post!

  • Submit a screenshot after 24 hours of posting.


Post on Your Instagram Story  (Required Weekly)

+2 Coins

  • This is your weekly Zupp Insta Story post. So show off what it means to be a Zupp Member by sharing your weekly shared adventures with friends. Because it’s Instagram, focus on making it beautifully designed and organic.  

  • Be sure to tag Zupp's IG account at your school so we can re-share on our Story!

  • Submit 12-24 hours after posting.


Post on Your Snapchat Story  (Required Weekly)

+2 Coins

  • This is your weekly Zupp Snapchat Story. So, show off what it means to be a Zupp Member by sharing your weekly shared adventures with friends. Because it’s Snapchat, focus on making it casual.

  • Zupp doesn't have a Snapchat account, so don't worry about tagging us directly.

  • Submit 12-24 hours after posting.

apple camera.webp

Submit User-Generated Content  (Optional for Extra Coins Once per Week)

+1 Coin

  • This is your opportunity to give ammo to the Zupp HQ Team, as well as stock up on extra coins. Sharing unedited content, following the Social Media Guidelines, empowers Zupp to invite more students at your campus into shared adventures with friends. Who knows... you might even get famous.

  • Submit your content unedited.

Guerilla Marketing

door hanger copy.png

Door Hanger Dash (if committed, required to follow through)

+15 Coins

  • This is the boots-on-the-ground work that moves mountains for Zupp and the Adventure Together Movement. When each student gets to see that Zupp exists, they are extremely likely to begin their Membership and redeem their first reward. And when students do that, they are immediately thrust into shared adventures with friends. Do this task with enthusiasm and it will be worth it!


   Steps to Complete Door Hanger Dash:

  1. Hang up the pack of door hangers at apartments or dorms

  2. Take 20 photos in different locations of the apartment or dorm doors

  3. Provide location(s) and date

Adventure Team Participation


Attend Adventure Team Meetings (Required Weekly)

+3 Coins

  • This is your chance to reignite your Zupp spirit, reconnect with the rest of the Adventure Team, and become prepped & ready for the week of Adventure Actions ahead. Show up to this experience ready to recommit to Zupp’s Purpose & Values, as well as bringing your whole self to the table. Your team needs you to be your full self and encourage them to do the same.


Submit Activation Ideas (Weekly)

+2 Coins

  • Activations are a crucial part of bringing Zupp’s Purpose to life. They are the point of real connection between us and college students. This is your opportunity to be a co-creator with the rest of the Zupp Adventure Team and Zupp HQ!



Execute Adventure Team Activations (Monthly)

+20 Coins

  • This is the bread and butter of the Zupp Adventure Team. Team Members, like you, were brought in because they each have that spark they bring into interactions with others. This spark invites them into an experience that is more playful and meaningful. Share your spark while you participate in these Activations.

  • Participate in executing an in-person Activations

laptop copy.png

Host Virtual Zupp Events (Monthly)

+10 Coins

  • Welcome to a new evolution of the Zupp experience. During these Corona times, we realized students need a way to build new friendships. So, virtual events will be the vehicle we use to do just that. The host of these experiences makes or breaks how worth it and fun it feels for Members to attend. Set the tone for attendees by being playful and caring as you carry out this task.

  • Participate in leading and hosting virtual events for Zupp members

Unique Adventure Actions of the Month

Adventure Campaign Specific Posts (Coming Soon)

Participate in Zupp Photoshoots (Coming Soon)

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