FSU Marketing Internship

Who We’re Looking For

We’re searching for an enthusiastic marketer who is passionate about inviting FSU college students into remarkable experiences that inspire interaction and play. The ideal fit is someone who’s excited to be a part of a fast growing company with a uniquely fun, empathetic and authentic culture. Our team is intentional about creating a work environment where everyone feels inspired to interact freely and be themselves fully in everything they do at Zupp.


Job Summary

This position will gain hands-on experience with developing partnerships and executing marketing strategies to increase Zupp’s growth at FSU. This position is a part-time, unpaid internship (15 hours/week) during Fall 2021.


Your Responsibilities

  • Attend & engage in weekly marketing strategy sessions

  • Form partnerships with student organizations, clubs, and student apartments

  • Lead & execute guerilla marketing strategies

  • Distribute Zupp Merch and spread awareness of our brand at Zupp Experiences

  • Be the "eyes and ears" of Zupp to assist in providing ideas on promotions that you believe FSU students would love


Your Skills

💡 Creative — You’re good at imagining fresh and fun marketing ideas that align with business objectives

🎤 Public Speaking — You enjoy getting in front of college students to share a story that moves them to take action

💜 Empathetic — You ask questions, seek to understand, and take actions that add value

🎨 Designer — You’re talented in creating simple and beautiful designs that get people excited to learn more

💬 Effective Communicator — You can communicate a strategy effectively to your team members

📋 Organized — You always keep everything updated and in order

📲 Tech Savvy — You use technology easily and effectively


Personality Traits - Being Yourself Fully

🎯  Consistent — You enjoy following a process continuously and finishing strong on your commitments

😊 Friendly — You enjoy getting to know others and connecting with them 

🚀 Proactive — You enjoy planning ahead and taking initiative to get stuff done without being asked

🏆 Multi-Action — You enjoy doing many different activities in the same day

📝 Coachable — You enjoy receiving feedback on how you can learn and improve your skills

💡 Resourceful — You use the tools you are given to complete your job and create solutions when you don’t have the tools



📍 Must live in Tallahassee, Florida

📚 Must attend FSU


Time Commitment

  • Hours: 10-15 hours per week

  • Duration: End of July - Beginning of November


Perks & Benefits

  • Marketing experience

  • Free Zupp membership

  • Zupp Merch

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