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Claim Your Merch

Let's say it like it is. Merch furthers the movement. When you rep purple, people will know where you stand and what you're about. The world will see that you believe in building friendships through shared adventures. Check out this page to see what merch feels right for you to rep this Fall, and use the Coins you've stacked to make each purchase.

Zupp Bottle Shaker.png

Zupp Shot Shaker

15 Coins

Black Shirt Final copy.png

Black Long Sleeve Tee

30 Coins

hats final.png

Zupp Baseball Hat

30 Coins

hoodies final copy.png

Zupp T-Shirt Hoodie

50 Coins

zupp flag.png

Zupp Adventure Team Flag

75 Coins

New Adventure Team Merch added every month!

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