Social Media Posting Guidelines

Here's everything you need to know about what to post when sharing Zupp on social media.

Ideas for when to Post

  • Redeeming a Zupp Reward

  • On a Zupp Field Trip

  • With the Zupp Adventure Team

  • Wearing Zupp Merchandise

  • Going On Adventures

Ideas for what to Post

  • Wear Zupp Merch

  • Be with Friends

  • Mention Friendship

  • Mention Adventure

  • Reply with Care

  • Keep it Classy

  • Bleed Purple

  • No Black & White Filters

Instagram Only Details

  • Tag your college @zupp_ucf @zupp_fsu @zupp_uf (For Instagram Only)

  • Tag your friends in the photos (For Instagram Only)

  • Add your college as the location  (For Instagram Only)



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