Turn your college town into your playground.

Access exclusive deals & experiences at your favorite places near campus.

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Discover Experiences

You're always just a tap away from discovering the best places to eat, drink and play near campus.

Exclusive Rewards

Access exclusive rewards such as free food and drinks, BOGO meals & discounted cover at your favorite restaurants & bars around campus.

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Member-Only Adventures

Zupp Members are invited to exclusive experiences such as spontaneous happy hours, silent disco parties, pop up comedy shows, and campus-wide scavenger hunts.



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We build friendships by turning every day into a new adventure.

We believe the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our friendships. We've discovered that thriving friendships are built most powerfully through shared adventures. That's why our vision is to transform cities into theme parks. We're creating a world where people are immersed in adventures everywhere they go. It's a world where people feel inspired to interact freely and be themselves fully.