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Zupp is the fastest way for restaurant brands to increase sales in college towns.

Win New Customers

Tap into Zupp's exclusive college audience to attract brand new customers into your restaurant.

Drive Repeat Customers

Customers see your Zupp Promos when they're in decision making mode, empowering you to bring them back again and again.

Build Brand Loyalty

Become the talk of the town among students by hosting turnkey featured events in collaboration with Zupp.

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Zupp is the college market expert for restaurant brands. With more than 60,000 students using Zupp and over 200 local partners seeing success, we know how to drive results that matter.

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“I joined Zupp because it was a low risk, high-reward scenario. In the past 3 years, that decision has paid off as we've seen 13,108 total customer visits and $71,597 in incremental sales. It hasn’t required any additional work, I don't have to increase any fixed costs, and I love that it’s completely free.”

Henry Talarico


"We joined Zupp when we opened in Orlando to help expose our business to the UCF market and they drove more than 750 customers into our restaurant within the first 2 weeks! I was amazed because they performed better than any other app we’ve partnered with. We absolutely love Zupp.”

Kim Pettingell
Marketing Director

Questions? We've got answers.

So, what's Zupp?

Zupp is the trusted mobile app that thousands of students use every time they decide where to go out to eat, drink and have fun with friends. Students join the Zupp Membership for $6.99/mo to access exclusive promos at their favorite places near campus.

Restaurants and bars use Zupp to maximize their sales potential by tapping into Zupp's hungry customer base. Zupp has proven to be a new customer engine and primary driver of sales for more than 200 local restaurants and bars located in college towns across the country (UCF, FSU, UF & UT Austin).

Why should my restaurant be on Zupp? 

Zupp is the easiest and most effective local marketing platform ever created to drive sales directly from the college audience. Our most successful partners see incremental sales of $30K-70K per year. By offering exclusive promos to our members (i.e. BOGO, 20% Off, Free Combo, etc), brand new customers can discover you and loyal customers will visit more often. Your restaurant is seen at the exact moment when customers are looking to make a purchase decision on their next meal. The exclusive promos you offer through Zupp create the much needed incentive required to drive a massive volume of customers through your doors, especially when tapping into the financially savvy college student customer base. 


How much does it cost to partner with Zupp? 

This might be the best part. When you partner with Zupp, it’s completely free-of-charge for your business to enjoy the benefits of tapping into our college student audience. "But there's always a catch." Nope, we’re able to keep it completely free for you because students pay a monthly subscription fee to access the promos on Zupp, which is how we make money as a business. We pledge to keep it free-of-charge for businesses, forever.


Who are the customers that use Zupp? 

Zupp Members are college students who love going out to eat with friends. Because they pay a premium $6.99/mo to access Zupp Promos, we attract the biggest food and drink enthusiasts around campus. Let's be honest, college students don't have an unlimited budget for going out to eat. They need better pricing to justify going out as often as they'd like to--this is why thousands of students have found it worthwhile to pay for Zupp, and why they're so loyal to the businesses who offer them exclusive promos on the Zupp app. 

What type of promos are most effective? 

We have a ton of data on which promos are most effective in growing restaurant sales. We know every business is different, so we provide complimentary consultation to give you insights that ensure your promos are extremely effective in achieving your specific sales and growth targets.  

Are there any restrictions on the promos I can offer?

The only thing we ask is that your promos are not already offered any and every other customer--this way they’re truly exclusive offers to Zupp Members. To receive suggestions based on what we’ve seen work best for each type of business, feel free to reach out to our Partnership Team.

Are my promos on the app every day? How often can I change them? 


You can offer 1 promo for the whole week, or a different promo every day, it’s completely up to you. You can change your promos up anytime - simply send an email to your Account Manager, and we’ll have all your requested changes updated within 2 business days. You can also submit a promo update request through our Marketing Dashboard.


Can I track redemptions for my promos?


Absolutely! Every time a customer shows Zupp to your server, your server will tap the redemption button which allows us to track all activity. You can access your restaurant’s metrics at any point in time through your own Marketing Dashboard so you can keep track of the sales and new customers that Zupp is bringing you

How do I get started? 

We know you’re busy running your business, so we’ve made it extremely simple to get started. Once you let us know which exclusive promos you’d like to feature on Zupp, we’ll do the rest of the work to gather high quality photos of your food and add all your content to the platform. The only thing you'll need to do is input the promos into your POS system, and inform your staff that the promos are available. Once you've done that, we’ll start sending new customers through your doors within the first day you're live on the app!

I'm ready to go! What next? 


Great! If you're already in touch with a Zupp Partnership Coordinator, reach out and let them know which exclusive promos you'd like to run so we can start sending you customers right away. If you haven't been contacted, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form below. We're excited to partner up!

Interested in Joining Zupp?
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