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A Letter from our Founder: from Party Tutor to Zupp

It was 8 years ago today, an idea came to me that would forever change the trajectory of my life. I was at Junior at UCF, and I was in my apartment my friends as we were searching different websites and texting bartenders to find out where we wanted to go out that night. Then, an idea hit me like a tsunami. I thought to myself…


Now that we have access to smartphones, why wouldn’t there be a mobile app that centralizes all the events and specials into one easy-to-use platform? 


A seed was planted that would soon be known as Party Tutor, a mobile app that would connect college students with the best bar specials and events happening around campus. The app didn’t explode the day it launched, but as each semester arrived, the app continued to double in users. To this date, Party Tutor has been downloaded by more than 100,000 UCF students over the past few years. 


Although the Party Tutor brand has served it’s purpose well by helping students discover the best specials happening around campus, our vision has evolved into something much greater. 


We found the word “party” in our brand name to be perfect when we were simply an app for bars, but we’ve learned that we want to share with you a variety of unique and exciting experiences that go beyond the bar scene. We’ll soon be more frequently inviting our members to explore new adventures on and off campus, as well as leading you to enjoying an assortment of delicious food destinations.


We also found the word “tutor” in our brand name to be perfectly fitting for the college experience, but our long term vision is focused on extending the membership far beyond your 4 years in college. Although the membership will be exclusively for college students over the next few years, it’s our desire for this membership to become your home for deals and adventures no matter where the next stage of your life takes you. 


Ultimately, we’ve learned that we’re not just building a tool that’s used to discover where to go out and where to get a great deal. But rather, this is a movement of students who are actively looking for new experiences that lead to building lifelong friendships and creating memories that will last forever.  


To create re-alignment around who we are and what we’re becoming, we’re excited to announce that moving forward, Party Tutor will now be known as Zupp.  


At Zupp, our purpose is to empower you, the college student, with exclusive access to incredible deals and unforgettable experiences so you can transform ordinary days into adventures with friends.


Over the next few months at Zupp, you’ll see us continuing to roll out new features, new deals, and new experiences to ensure your college years end up being a legendary period of your life you’ll never forget. 


If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join the movement we’re creating with Zupp. We’re here to serve you and your friends in living out the ultimate college experience, together.


Cheers to your next adventure, 


Brent Henderson

Founder of Zupp

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