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Membership Requirements

Here's everything you need to know about what needs to be accomplished to be a successful Adventure Team Member

Content Creation

1 Monthly “Try Something New” Ad Challenge

College students getting to experience an organic video of a real person loving this incredible Zupp reward, will inspire them to finally get up, find a friend, and begin their first Zupp Adventure. This is a powerful opportunity for Adventure Team Members to create content that converts, as well as be a part of successful social media ad campaigns


View “Try Something New” Ad Challenge Guidelines here


1 Weekly Piece of Organic Social Content 

Adventure With Friends Photos

These are photos that show off what it means to be a Zupp Member…Going on Shared Adventures with friends. Capture the feeling of that by taking photos that show you and friends out in the world, using Zupp Rewards, and having fun together.

Funny School-Related Memes

These pieces of content connect Zupp to the people. They show that we are just as playful as those we serve, we understand what they are thinking and we overall just get them as people.


Intriguing School-Related Announcements

These pieces of content invite the college students we serve to always be in the know and trust that we are here to make their lives more informed and more adventurous every day.


View Organic Social Content Guidelines here


Blog Content Creation (Optional)

Blogs are a powerful way to express creativity, as well as build trust with who we serve.


View Blog Content Guidelines here

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