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Content Marketing (Events) Internship



At Zupp, our vision is to transform cities into theme parks. We're creating a world where friends are immersed in adventures everywhere they go, and we're starting this movement in college towns. With the Zupp app, students gain instant access to the best college experiences happening around campus. For $6.99/mo, they can join the Zupp Membership which grants them access to exclusive deals and free giveaways at their favorite places to eat, drink and have fun around campus. 🥳


Every action we take as a team is intended to further our purpose—build friendships by turning every day into a new adventure.

Who We're Looking For

We’re searching for a motivated person who loves to discover new places to go with friends and stay up to date on what’s happening each week around their collegetown. In order for Zupp to become every student’s guide to the ultimate college experience, we need to ensure that we’re providing our Members with the best deals in town and everything that there is to do! That’s why we’ve made it one of our highest priorities to keep the app up-to-date with upcoming fun, social events for Members to turn their average day into a day of adventure. The ideal fit is someone who’s excited to be a part of a fast growing company with a uniquely fun, empathetic and authentic culture. Our team is intentional about creating a work environment where everyone feels inspired to interact freely and be themselves fully in everything they do at Zupp. 💜

Job Offer Summary


This position will gain hands-on experience with sourcing fun local, on and off campus events to inspire Zupp Members to explore their city and know what exciting and spontaneous activities are happening around UCF, FSU, UF & UT. This position is a part-time, paid internship for the upcoming Fall semester.


What You Can Expect to Learn & Experience

  • Sourcing local events and activities, on & off campus, that allows Zupp to be the local guide for UCF, FSU, UF, & UT students 🗺

  • Learn how to use project management software 💻

  • Help make strategic decisions around storytelling 🧐

  • Bi-weekly coaching to excel and grow individually ✊

  • Fun and authentic team culture 😎

  • Check out each of our Core Values listed below

Your Responsibilities

  • Source fun local off-campus event information

  • Discover exciting on-campus activities 

  • Manage event updating on Asana

Your Skills & Personality

  • 🔎  Adventurous — You enjoy discovering new and fun adventures to go on with friends

  • 🎨  Creative — You’re good at imagining fresh and fun copywriting that aligns with business objectives

  • 🚀  Proactive — You enjoy planning ahead and taking initiative to get stuff done without being asked

  • 🎯  Consistent — You enjoy following a process continuously and finishing strong on your commitments

  • 📝  Coachable — You enjoy receiving feedback on how you can learn and improve your skills

  • 💡 Resourceful — You use the tools you are given to complete your job and create solutions when you don’t have the tools


Zupp's Core Values


If you love living out these values, you're extremely likely to love working at Zupp...​

  • Activate Play - Create fresh & fun experiences that inspire people to interact freely & be themselves fully 👾

  • Create the Remarkable - Make things so extraordinary that people can’t help but share it with friends 🎨

  • Unleash Imagination - Get curious & creative to solve problems & turn dreams into reality 💭

  • Empower Enthusiastically - Encourage growth that enables people to thrive independently & maximize their potential 💪

  • Care Relentlessly - Continuously seek to understand, accept ownership, & take action to serve others well 💜


Qualifications & Requirements

  • Must attend UCF, FSU, UF, or UT, Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in:

    • Marketing

    • Event/Hospitality Management

    • Communications

    • Advertising

    • Journalism



  • Remote Position 📍


Time Commitment

  • 10 hours per week

  • Days of the week: Monday - Friday

  • Duration: August - November

    • We would prefer someone who could commit to Fall & Spring Semesters ⭐️


Perks & Pay

  • $500/month 💸

  • College Class Credit 🎓

  • Opportunities for Growth 📈

  • Free Zupp membership 🥳

  • Zupp merch 🔥

Sound like this position is just for you? Tap the button below to apply!

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