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Our Vision, Purpose & Values are the foundation of Zupp's culture.

Our Vision

Transforming cities into theme parks 🎢

We're creating a world where friends are immersed in adventures everywhere they go, and we're starting this movement in college towns.

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Our Values (2).png
Our Values (2).png

Our Purpose

We build friendships by turning every day into a new adventure 🌟

We bring our purpose to life by providing college students with a $6.99/mo Membership that grants them access to incredible deals and member-only experiences at their favorite restaurants, bars, and fun things to do around campus.

Every action we take as a team is intended to further our purpose.

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Our Values

We Activate Play 🥳

Create fresh & fun experiences that inspire people to interact freely and be themselves fully.

We Create the Remarkable 🤩

Make things so extraordinary that people can't help but share it with friends.

We Unleash Imagination 🤯

Get curious & creative to solve problems & turn dreams into reality.

We Empower Enthusiastically 💪

Encourage growth that enables people to thrive independently & maximize their potential.

We Care Relentlessly 🫶

Continuously seek to understand, accept ownership, and take action to serve others well.

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